New Patterns! June 7, 2016 15:51

Our creative team has been busy creating and as you know that takes time. They have been playing around with Yarn and Soul’s two artisan yarns – Superfine 400 and Merino 200.

Four new, free patterns are now ready for you! Each design is beautiful as is, but can easily be your starting template to tweak as you let your creative juices flow to become uniquely yours!

Superfine 400 is showcased in a simple Stockinette pullover with an asymmetrical hem. The garter stitch triangular shawl is made using only one hank and is transformed into amazingly divine, soft squishiness. The hardest part will be choosing which color to make it in! And crave a bit of lace? Two hanks is all it takes to make a Scarf with Tassels.

Merino 200 takes dye beautifully and is a perfect base to play with. Check out our earlier post with plenty of how tos! But in its own natural creamy white state, it shows off lovely cables in the Button Back Vest.  A quick knit when you need to add a cozy layer.